Popular performer Brian Nankervis (Rockwiz, Pictures of you, Raymond J. Bartholemeuz) is opening the exhibition “PLACE” at Tacit Contemporary Art, 323 Johnston St. Abbotsford at 6pm, Tuesday 14th August.

 Combining the talents of these three diverse artists gives the exhibition a broad appeal with works ranging from photo realism, collage, traditional, modern to abstract.  Finding our  “PLACE” in the world.  An exhibition by three artists explores the concept of where we come from and where we belong.
 “PLACE” at Tacit Contemporary Art, gives the artists, Pauline Bailey, Helen Masin and Ken Roberts the opportunity to visually respond to what the sense of place means to them.
 Pauline, born and raised in Melbourne, explores the areas that she grew up with and which still now give her a sense of home. You experience her comfort and familiarity with the images of suburban streets and buildings. Unlike her rural home amid gumtrees and kangaroos, her paintings inhabit world weary streets, well used buildings, live music venues and crowded shop facades. Her inspiration is firmly placed in the city of her youth.
 Helen, though living in the country, has nomadically journeyed away from her place of birth but those ties seem to hold her and many of her images are from the familiar areas around her original country hometown. She explores the openness of the country, the isolation and vastness of life on the land. A still beauty and quietness haunt her works. She portrays scenes usually unseen and missed though in her work they are rendered as unforgettable images.
  Ken still lives in his country town of birth and his paintings relate to the people and places he knows well. While some paintings show “Australian pastoral” images and a sense of belonging, others portray people who seem misplaced and lost. The security he feels in his own place makes him question that of others who do not feel such a connection and are alienated from where they belong.
 The diversity of style and content displayed by the three artists enhance the subject of where we belong and who we are and how we find our own “PLACE”.

Interview with Gerard Callinan on ABC Gippsland, Monday 4th February 2013.

Fleurieu Art prize SA 2013

Fleurieu Art Prize 2013 Catalogue cover       Catalogue


Art Shed Online featured artist April 2014:

Art Shed Online featured artist:

Burrinja Cultural Centre website 2014:

Burrinja cafe website

Yarra Valley/Dandenong Ranges website 2014

Whats On

July 2014 My “Last Drinks” painting has been selected by Avant Card to be printed as part of their free range of cards which are  distributed in bars, cafes, theatres, universities and galleries throughout Australia for the next month.



August 2014 – Paintings featured in Soundproof documentary screening at Melbourne International Film Festival 2014

Article in Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader featuring paintings in the background 12/8/14

Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader 12th August 2014

Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader 12th August 2014

Gippsland Times 20th August 2014

Gippsland Times 20th August 2014

"Revisit" Masin and Bailey - Gippsland Times 26th August 2014

“Revisit” Masin and Bailey – Gippsland Times 26th August 2014


Yarra Valley/Dandenong Ranges website 2014

Whats On


December 2015:

Design feature in  Herald Sun Home Magazine (December 12th issue) Instagram: @heraldsunhome


The article can be viewed online using the link below:


5th September 2017

ABC Gippsland Radio live to air interview to promote The Devil Won’t Take Charity by Kim Volkman.

May 2018: ABC Local radio interview with Rachael Lucas.


Gippsland Times June 2018

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