Pauline Bailey

Melbourne born, Gippsland based visual artist specialising in urban landscapes, street scenes and rock & roll portraits.

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About me:

In 2006 I began studying visual art and obtained my Certificate 1V in Visual Arts and Diploma of Art. My work shifts between portraiture and urban landscapes; I am known for my renditions of railway stations, dilapidated buildings, pubs, shopfronts and other structures. My objective is to capture the feel of a particular place and give the viewer an insight into that space, revealing the many textures and colours to be found. The hidden beauty beyond the facade motivates me as well as exploring the depth and meaning behind the image.
My current body of work focuses on buildings in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. I was born in Oakleigh and although now based in the country, I am drawn back to my early years in Melbourne and I travel to the city frequently to observe the ever-changing urban landscape. My main focus is Melbourne and surrounding suburbs but I also find inspiration closer to home in the form of the many interesting buildings to be found around my local area.
I have a passion for the urban environment and I am also very passionate about the local music scene and this is a recurring theme throughout my work. My latest works are live music venues around Melbourne which have a very important place in our culture and I enjoy exploring their fascinating history.
I have exhibited locally in Gippsland, Melbourne and interstate in group shows since 2008 and I have held a number of solo exhibitions in Melbourne. In 2013 I was selected as a finalist in the Fleurieu Art Prize, South Australia and also the CityScapes competition in Florida, USA in 2015 and 2016.
I work primarily as a painter but I also enjoy working with other mediums including digital art and photography. My preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or board but I also incorporate charcoal, pastel, collage and oils into my work.
In 2017 I collaborated with KIm Volkman to edit and ublih his autobiography, “The Devil Won’t Take Charity” and earlier this year we collaborated again on KIm’s second book, For Those That Dance With The Skeleton.”

In November of this year I wrote and self published my own book, Blues Portrait – A profile of the Australian Blues scene. 

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4 thoughts on “Pauline Bailey

  1. Bruce Fisher

    Pauline! g’day I saw your work for the first time today as I ate my lunch at Burrinja gallery Upwey. I loved the personal manner you made the subjects your own! with collage, and the way you blend colours and shaded areas, I went to the gallery where I’m a Jarmbi member to view other stuff, then I “found” you, made it a beaut day! xxx .

    1. Pauline Bailey Art Post author

      Hi Peter, Thankyou! I have a few pieces at Pumpkin Lane Gallery, 16 Blessington St. St.Kilda and some smaller ones at Brunswick Street Gallery which opens on Monday night. Cheers, Pauline


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