Pauline Bailey

Melbourne born, Gippsland based visual artist specialising in urban landscapes, street scenes and rock & roll portraits.

Currently working from my studio in Gippsland, my work shifts between portraiture and urban landscapes. My main focus is Melbourne and surrounding suburbs; laneways, disused buildings, inner city pubs, cafes and railway stations are of great interest to me. I have a passion for the urban environment and Melbourne has such a vibrant culture which provides me with endless source material. I am also very passionate about the local music scene and this is a recurring theme throughout my work. The hidden beauty beyond the facade motivates me as well as exploring the depth and meaning behind the image.


4 Responses to Pauline Bailey

  1. Bruce Fisher says:

    Pauline! g’day I saw your work for the first time today as I ate my lunch at Burrinja gallery Upwey. I loved the personal manner you made the subjects your own! with collage, and the way you blend colours and shaded areas, I went to the gallery where I’m a Jarmbi member to view other stuff, then I “found” you, made it a beaut day! xxx .

  2. Peter kerdel says:

    Love your style of work , where can we see it live .

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