Solo Exhibitions


“REAL LIFE” – Thin Slizzy, 115 Johnston Street, Collingwood, Victoria. 27th Oct – 23rd Nov 2022

The “Real Life” exhibition includes paintings of urban landscapes that explore some of my favourite places, and still life paintings focused on music-related objects. The collection includes some of Melbourne’s most iconic music venues, as well as other buildings and structures that catch my eye and tell a story. Musical instruments and vintage microphones are depicted in the still life paintings. Despite their reputation for making noise, when placed on an uncluttered background, these objects appear to be captured in a state of stillness, drawing attention to the objects themselves.

“A SENSE OF PLACE” – Bendigo Bank, 282 Lygon St. Carlton, Victoria. 22nd Feb – 18th March, 2022

“A Sense of Place” explores the themes of location, structure, belonging and attachment Our sense of place is not only geographic- it can also be a feeling or perception, often determined by personal experiences and social interactions which in turn create memories and a sense of familiarity. The attachments we make to a particular place can even become part of our identity. Our sense of place was affected during COVID and continues to be affected as we are still experiencing restrictions, social distancing, and, for many of us, a different way of life. This exhibition explores some of my favourite places; places that I have loved spending time in which have created personal memories for me, and others that I look forward to visiting again.


CITY & COUNTRY – Meeniyan Art Gallery, 84 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan, Victoria. 6th Feb – 30th March 2020


SNAPSHOT MELBOURNE – Marios Cafe, Fitzroy, Victoria. 27th Nov – 17th Dec 2018

snapshot melbourne_marios_pauline bailey1328170047668502860..jpg


CITY, SUBURBS AND BEYOND – Mr. Burch, Mckinnon, Victoria. 1st 30th March 2017

City, Suburbs and Beyond_Pauline Bailey


FROM PLACE TO PLACE – West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul, Victoria. 30th March – 6th May 2016

From Place To Place_Pauline Bailey_2016


FACADE – Marios Cafe, Fitzroy, Victoria. 24th Feb – 9th March 2015

Facade_Pauline Bailey


BEYOND THE FACADE – Little Woods Gallery, Collingwood, Victoria. 14th August – 5th September 2015

Beyond The Facade A5 Portrait


AS I SEE IT – Burrinja Cafe Gallery, Upwey, Victoria. 13th June – 27th July 2014

As I See It Invitation


URBAN DETAIL – Tacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford, Victoria. 19th March – 7th April 2013

BAILEY_Urban Detail Invitation


URBAN BLEND – Marios Cafe, Fitzroy, Victoria. 30th July – 19th August 2013

Urban Blend Invitation


URBAN MIX – Marios Cafe, Fitzroy, Victoria. 9th – 30th April 2012


2018: THREE PALETTES – Bailey, Masin and Roberts. City Library Gallery, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria. ABC Interview

2014: REVISIT – Masin and Bailey. Gippsland Art Supplies Gallery Space, Sale, Victoria

2014: Pop Up Gallery with Helen Masin and Ken Roberts. Shop 19, Gippsland Centre, Sale, Victoria

2013: COLLABORATION – Bailey Masin and Roberts. Yarragon, Victoria

Collaboration - Bailey Masin Roberts

2013 – LAND SEA STRUSTURE – Masin and Bailey. Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria

2012: PLACE – Bailey, Masin and Roberts. Tacit Contemporary Art, Abbotsford

2011: Exhibition with Helen Masin at Wellington Entertainment Centre, Sale, Victoria

2011: DIFFERENT VIEWS – Masin and Bailey. Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan, Victoria

2011: INTIMATE STUDIES – Masin and Bailey. Courthouse Gallery, Stratford, Victoria


2010: DIFFERENT SPACES – Masin and Bailey. Maffra Exhibition Space, Maffra, Victoria

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