About Pauline Bailey

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I was born in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh, and have lived in Gippsland since 1990.

Acrylic paintings on canvas form the basis of my work and I often incorporate pastel, charcoal and collage to create pieces which are not only interesting to look at, but also have a strong narrative.  I use a combination of different media to produce works which are colourful, lively and rich in texture.  My current series explores inner city Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. I am inspired by my own experiences and observations both past and present and, although I live in the country, I am frequently drawn back to the city as I really love Melbourne’s vibrant culture.

My work shifts between portraiture and urban landscape sometimes combining the two. The vast array of architecture to be found in the city and surrounding suburbs is of great interest to me along with the historical features of many of the structures and laneways.  I try to uncover the hidden beauty in often neglected city views and disused buildings which always have a story to tell.  I enjoy painting places and scenes which are interesting to me, railway stations, dilapidated buildings, pubs, cafés and other structures; some are well known icons but others that are not so familiar are just as engaging. To me all of these places represent everything that is unique and exciting about Melbourne and such a vibrant culture provides me with endless source material and inspiration. I enjoy exploring the depth and meaning behind the image and looking for the hidden beauty beyond the facade.  I also enjoy painting abstracts, still life and rural scenes but like to give them an urban twist.

I am very passionate about the local music scene and this is also a recurring theme in my work.  I really enjoy exploring the contrasts between vibrant, bustling scenes, and empty and desolate spaces to highlight the differences in Melbourne’s urban environment.

My main influences are Pop Art, realism, street art, and Australian contemporary art. Some of the artists who inspire me are Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan, Howard Arkley, Bill Young, Nick Morris, Nathan Taylor, Daniel Greene, Jeffrey Smart and Edward Hopper.

I have had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Victoria and interstate and I have a Certificate 1V in Visual Arts and Diploma of Arts with credits and distinctions in painting and drawing.



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